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Default 7.4L MPI Wont start

Found a foot of water in my 2000 2800scr a week ago .Salty .Pumped it out watched it for a week no new water. Started the engine no problem . 10 mins later the engine slowly died.
Started two more times after that , but died a minute after each. Finally she will not start any more. She cranks but wont start. I checked the fuel filter (clean) replaced it anyway . Any suggestions.

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Default Re: 7.4L MPI Wont start

you may need to pull the pickup out of the tank....also check the vent tube going out to the hull...if that is probably created a suction on the tank that won't allow gas to be pulled from the tank to the carb....another place to check is in the side of the carb where the fuel line is coming in...there is a fuel filter there...if that's clogged engine running....

after you replace or check that filter in the side of the carb....take about a cup full of gas and dribble some into the carb ..then try to start the engine....see if it runs ok then....that's about the way I see it from what your describing...

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Default Re: 7.4L MPI Wont start

I'm not a mechanic ,but I don't think there is a carb on the engine . MPI
One other detail I forgot to mention, the last fill up the fuel came out the vent . So I just pulled the vent tube off the top of the gas tank and gas came flying out the vent tube as if it was full. Also the tank it self was under pressure it . Gas came flying out of that too. I cleaned up the gas I tried to start it no luck. I'm going to try to pump some gas out of the tank through the fill line. :?: What is the next step :?: .
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Default Re: 7.4L MPI Wont start

On the fuel rail(on top of the engine) there is a screw that you can take out and fit a fuel pressure gauge,alternatively you can back the screw out and see if there is any fuel in the rail,if there is no fuel in the rail your fuel pump may have died,

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Default Re: 7.4L MPI Wont start

If the bottom of the engine was in the water you could have a problem with your oil pressure switch which runs the full pump after the ignition switch does the initial start up.
I had a similiar problem where as the engine would start ,run for a bit then would stall. It was the connections on the oil pressure switch.
As for not starting now I would check for water in the fuel where as a flooded bilge was the problem to start with.
I also agree with checking the fuel rail for pressure, on my engine there is a cap covering a valve that you can push on like a tire valve stem. If you have someone turn the key to the on position while you push on the valve you should get a burst of fuel. If you do then you must have ignition problems.
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