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Thumbs up Welcome and Enjoy!


I have a '92 1800SR and have been it's only owner. I have towed in more broke down boats than I can count over the years. Mine has the 3.0L with an Alpha 1 drive unit. I believe Maxum went to only the LX version of the 3.0 in the '93 (correct me if I'm wrong folks!) The basic "to do's" have been covered so I won't repeat. You have'nt posted where you hail from and what waters are home. Best of luck and enjoy your Maxum, I truly pleased with mine.
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I missed this post but hey ho...

I also have a 1750 and just watched the marine engineer do a full service, all of which has been mentioned above, also the gaskets were changed on the outdrive and the bellows was replaced as a precaution. CHECK the wiring especially in the engine bay and where the pump is for the leg (we found some bad corrosion on the positive in the engine bay loom which could have been bad if it hit an earth.

I bought the parts and here is the checklist of what should be a full service

Drive service costs as follows

I just edited out the prices of labour

To remove the drive
Drain gear oil and split upper and lower unit.
Check/replace impeller. Refit upper to lower unit.
Refill new gear oil.
Check alignment, grease shaft and gimbal bearing.
Fit new drive gasket and refit drive.
Remove prop and grease shaft, refit prop.

Impeller kit includes gaskets 44.40
Drive install kit 7.40
Gear oil 22.00

Labour 2 hours @ per hour

So drive total

Service Mercruiser 3.0litre.

To check round hoses and clips,
Check mounts,
To change fuel filter and clean carb filter
Change spark plugs
Run engine and check over and check ignition timing.
Check thermostat operating at correct temperature
Check levels on gear lube, steering and trim and top up.
Adjust belt tension.
Change oil and filter
Grease cables.

Oil 14.60
Oil filter 8.88
Fuel filter 7.20
Spark plugs 8.64

Labour 1.5 hours @ per hour
engine service cost is

Total cost for service of engine and drive is

I will supply engine oil, gear lube and spark plugs. phone these guys with the following part numbers.

RM35-866340Q2 oil filter
GLM39622 install kit
GLM12040 impeller kit
GLM24850 fuel filter (might not be needed)

Its recommended the bellows replaced every 2 years. These are basically like a CV gaitor on your car steering. But these ones protect the shaft from the engine to the sterndrive. If it fails you can get water into the UJ and a repair of 250 upwards. Worst case scenerio is water into the boat which is a serious issue.

To replace these will take an hour

Parts 49.38

These can be bought from the following link. Its not worth getting non genuine ones as I have found problems fitting them too.

EDIT Forgot to add when it was all done and running the carb gasket was sucking in air so that was changed

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