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Default New memeber, and new owner of a 1997 Maxum 1900 SR

Hello to all. I just purchased a 1997 Maxum 1900 SR. It has the 135HP Mercruiser 3.0 engine.

I'd like any help/info that anyone can give on the reliability of this engine. Where I can manuals for it (I have searched on this forum already, nothing I could find).
Also would like to know what outdrive this setup has. It's a Mercruiser, but no idea if it's an alpha 1 or what generation it is.

What general maintenance/tuneup should I do before the maiden voyage? I'm very handy with anything mechanical, and can probably tackle most anything if I have a manual.
I'm very very new to boats. This is my first. Any help appreciated.

I posted this in the sports boat section, but since I'm not sure where these questions really belong, I'd like to post it here to.


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first off ..welcome to the zoo..secondly this probably could go in the general section which I will move too in a few minute....I'll leave a notice that it was moved...
finally...look on the stern swimstep of the boat on the stbd side...check out a stamped in number ..write that number down and contact USMARINE in the general forum in contacting maxum....
for your boat...since it's a 97 model's probably an alpha 1 gen 1 impeller probably needs to be changed that about every yr...also change the oil in the drive and engine...for the drive oil there is a special thick 90 wt gear oil that smells to high heaven....that's how you can tell it's a drive oil.....
engine oil is standard 25-40 synthetic marine engine oil....I'd recommend staying with that oil unless you boat in the warmer waters that case use std 30wt oil....
do a tune up with new plugs/points/distr. cap..rotor/ wires....clean the flame arrestor...clean and smear dielectric grease on the batt. terminals...
reliability of the engine is usually pretty good for a small ski boat....
and finally ....TAKE A BOATING SAFETY COURSE...since you have never driven a boat or owned one need to learn tons of new things...rules of the

take some pic's and show us what ya got!!


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JT again a United States Power Squadron Member............go to from there look for the ABC safe boating course. They do offer a on-line course but there should be a squadron in your neck of the woods that is putting on this course in person. The better deal. This safe boating course depending on how the squadron will present it might a one day or 5 or 6 week to complete. Your insurance company will love you for this and plus all the good and helpful info that your get..........gee you might want to join us and continue your education. Look over the website and have fun!

All those things that seapuppy reconmended is a good idea!......... being a boater of over 30 years myself..... make sure your boat is in A-one condition before it hits the water. It will be money well spent. You don't want your day out on the water ruined because of lack of maintenence.

Beside getting a owners manual( very general info) from Maxum (out of business I hope you know) look into either merc service manuals $$$$$ or a Clymer service book. Your looking for a that year of your boat with a alpha drive. You can find these on line very easy.

Hope all this helps

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