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I can think of 2 other potential options.......a couple of "if's" involved....

If the boat is trailerable.....tow it to another area that has a marina with a pump......

Are there any "mobile" pump services in your area? I know Seattle has at least a couple of boats with vacuum pumps that will. Come to you to vacuum pump your tank.....

These may not be great options....but they would work.....

Good luck.....

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If there is no poo, you can siphon out using garden hose. On the aft starboard, open the stainless cover labeled waste, insert garden hose until you hit the bottom of the waste tank, connect the other end of the hose to the faucet, turn on the faucet until water runs into the tank, when the water or waste starting to come out from the waste outlet, immediately disconnect the hose from the faucet and this will create a suction to siphon out the content of the waste tank. To maintain the suction, make sure the other end of garden hose that goes into the tank stays on the bottom of the tank until tank is empty, and the other end where the waste comes out is lower than the waste tank. You may let the waste flow on your yard or in appropriate container to be dumped somewhere when you're done. I do this when I take the boat home for cleaning and missed to pump the tank out at the marina, and I do this only when no poo in the tank.

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Thank you everyone for your help and advice,

Theres no pump out stations anywhere on the East Coast of Scotland, going to have to buy a pump and get it fitted I guess, nearest station is Loch Lomond, but to take the boat out of the water, trailer to the other side of the country, ouch

Thanks anyway

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When adding the pump you will also need to add a Y-valve and a thru hull fitting. Google or look at West Marine to see diagram on how to configure the plumbing.
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Originally Posted by mmwjr View Post
No that wopuld be option 1 and since your boat is currently not equiped you will need to add on.
Just stating the only viable means of empty ones tank. Whether he has those options available to him is another story completely.

Incidentally, using a shop-vac still applies to "Pump-out" as stated in option #2. What the pump looks like is irrelevant as it is pumping the contents through the deckplate.
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So everyone pumps overboard in Scotland?
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That's a *****ty comment, Phillbo. Good thing its too cold to swim there!
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I never swim in the harbours when I'm sailing in the BVI or Bahamas and try to warn others not to as well...
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Take a hose and siphon it out like you would from a gas tank. Just kidding. Check at the gas stations on the water, they usually have one for a price.
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Adding a pump is obviously the sensible way to go. I have a 4600 on the west coast, whilst its bigger the principle is the same and I can send you some shots showing the plumbing if you want.

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