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Default electricity to boat

I was planning to hook electricity up to the boat, nothing has been powered in a year and a half, batteries are dead, generator hasn't been commissioned since it was winterized.

I was just planning to hook up an extension cable from the marina to the outlet with an adapter. And then flip the switches on the breaker one by one to see what powers up. (Boat is out of water on land storage)

Anything wrong with doing this?

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No that is a good plan but remember shore power only powers 120VAC things not the 12VDC systems. If the batteries are old replace them.

The A/C needs cooling water for it to operate as well. The sea water pump may be frozen from sitting so long.

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the batteries were new when the boat was taken out of water end of 2016, but they have been sitting for awhile, going to charge em up and hopefully they are still good,

I have hose i could hook up to the inlet but i still need to read up and understand how the water system works on this boat so i don't ruin anything
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Good idea just don't rush it and blow the marina up lol
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And if you running in any problems just post here and we will try the best to help you out.
Good luck.
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I would caution against turning on the hot water until you confirm the drain and vent are closed and it's been filled with water.

The A/C pump needs to draw water from the through-hull as described earlier.

If you turn on the battery charger, all the 12V systems will draw amperage from the charger. At that point, the batteries simply complete the circuit. Whether they are able to suitably hold a charge once the battery charger is turned off remains to be seen. However, that would be sufficient to test 12v systems.

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