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Lt. JG
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Default So, it's bern 7 months...

Got bunch of things done with potable water.

Replaced the dead pump for one and now, I got flowing water...stagnant STINK WATER!!!

I tried most methods found on internet but, stink remain, even after soaking for 24 hours as most recommend.

Apparently, P.O. never used it just didn't care since pump quit...I mean the water and tank STINKS!!!

Although I found the tank, I CAN NOT remove it to clean or replace because the "bulkhead" is in the way.

Only 2 options...raise the deck to remove the way, Jose.

Cut the "bulkhead" so tank xan be slid out...if that can be done without any structural degredation to the hull. I need to cut @12" X 3" triangular piece, level with tank mount deck.

Any suggestion? I prefer first hand experience and knowledge only, please. If you've done it, I'd like to hear YOUR experience.

BTW, wife and I had gone out twice last year since purchase and I had a blast!...her on the other hand, had a "blast" of motion sickness on second outing when I stopped the boat on 2'-3' seas😁

She's armed with Bonine this year, hope it helps. Thanks all👍

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For the wife, look up a product called Sea Bands. They work for my wife.

For the tank, lots of bleach, fill it full and let sit for a couple days (use the boat if possible to slosh the mix) and then flush it all out. Repeat as needed.

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Agreed. I bought a boat with nasty water tanks. You could see black sludge lining the inside of the tank.

1) Pour in some bleach

2) Fill with water.

3) Let sit for 3-7 days.

4) Drain water

5) Repeat until the tanks are clean.

6) Cycle a few tanks of freshwater with no bleach through the system to get rid of the chlorine smell.

It took 5 cycles to clean my tanks. Make sure you have a filter before the pressure pump. Change the filter once the job is done.

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