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Originally Posted by oneradride View Post
I will build the shower though.. just because I can.
Show off.

Interestingly ORR, it all seems to be on the upper portion of the drive - the part that is out of the water when running. And doesn't the exhaust exit the A1 drive from the lower section? Regardless, with your crazy mad fab skillz (wish I was so talented) you can make a shower, clean the gunk off the drive, and give it a go.

Or just run it with the side exhausts open all the time!


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Not too crazy.... I just like so save money and have put together a few cool things.....
The Alpha exhaust exits though the prop and on both sides of the trim cylinders as seen here at about 2:46..... Above the cavitation plate....
You are right though.... when in the water.... with the Corsa/captains call open. the back pressure from the lake or river will force most of that out the sides..

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On my Bravo III, the raw water discharge comes out of the transom collar, not the drive. Do teh Alpha's exhaust through teh drive itself? It was also my understanding that the raw water intake is what cools the drive, not the exhaust. Did you bypass the raw water intake on teh drive with a through hull and remote water pump? If so, then the drive would no longer be getting cooled. If you went with a through-hull running pickup and a remote water pump, then you would NEED to install a drive shower to keep the top end of the drive cool.

It's also my understanding that the chalky buildup on the top end of the drive is typically indicative of overheating. Just a couple of thoughts.

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