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Default Merc issues

Hey everyone! New to this forum and just wanted to ask if this problem seems familiar with anyone. I've searched for hours(google) and have not had much success as maybe my description isn't perfect.
Launched the boat, warmed up, headed out and noticed a faint "tick" in all of my gauges at the helm. They all dropped to 0 as if I shut the motor off but within half second returned to normal. After we got into open water, got the boat onto plane and everything ran fine. Then the "tick" happened again. This time more pronounced(rpms are about 3k) and the motor seems to cut out. Within half second everything is back to normal for a minute or so then the problem repeats somewhat randomly. I also noticed a consistent "clicking" from the panel under the helm. A relay maybe? The clicking is in sync with the rpms. Faster clicking at higher rpms, slower at lower...Not sure if the two problems are related.
I'm thinking electrical, maybe the points, dist. cap, plugs, but before I tear it all down I figure I'd ask here first. Went out a few weekends ago and she ran perfect! Then sat for 2 weeks while worked on non engine related items.
The boat is a 99 2400 scr with a merc 5.0 tks w/ alpha 1.
Thanks in advance!

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Welcome aboard, I would start by looking at all the wire connections on the batteries, breaker on top of motor, and the motor.

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Once I had an issue very similar to described by you. It came out that was a loose screw holding ignition wire in low voltage circuit panel under the steering wheel. You can simply unscrew 4 screw to pull out the circuit panel and check all the connections there.
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Welcome aboard

Since you are hearing the ticking at the helm I am assuming this is where the problem is. Sounds like you have a loose supply (purple wire) or ground. I think the rpm relation is to the alternator speed changing. Since the engine also lost power I would start at the run terminal on the ignition switch.
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