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Default Transducer/Fish Finder Project

I wanted to pick some peoples brains here and see what others thought.

Currently it appears my OEM transducer is shot so I am needing a new one. I am also interested in doing fishing. My 1900 SC comes with a built in thru-hull transducer w/ Depth Gauge. I am thinking of replacing the existing (200khz) transducer w/ a dual frequency 200khz, ~50khz, and temp gauge. I would like to get a fish finder, that I could plug the transducer into as well as plug the existing depth finder into. It looks like the stock transducer that came with the boat uses a standard RCA (phono) jack.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions, before I dive into this?



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ok..I was hoping others would chime in but guess I'll step up...

what i did with all 3 of my boats is to just leave the existing xdcr in the boat..then located the new one about 6" or to the other side of the boat so it wouldn't interfere if I used both at the same time...when you purchase the new fishfinder...also get one that has gps in it...they usually work great....the new unit will come with a bolt on xdcr that you mount to the transom...this is a real pain if you hit something as it will probably take it out....however for a few bucks more you can get the shoot thru the hull xdcr and the only function you'll lose is temp...
on my new boat..i installed the lowrance HS5D display extremely well...but they stuck the xdcr on the transom...which I didn't care for but it does work well....sometimes it gets lost due to airbubbles around the transom...that's why the shoot thru the hull seems to work better....
the old xdcr probably won't work on the new display as well as the new xdcr probably won't work on the new display I said...usually I just don't even turn on my ham/standard depth isn't as accurate anyway....just kinda goes all over the place depending on water conditions and all...

hope this helps..

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