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Default Portable Generator

I have a 2003, 2700 SCR. 357 MPI with a Bravo III. I do not have a generator installed on the boat. I am considering purchasing a portable for the occasions that we stay overnight on the water and are not hook to shore power. I plan on checking all of the appliances to see what amps they draw. But do any of you have any idea what a standard 2700 SCR draws in amps? I do have an air condition, fridge, and microwave. Just the standard stuff are on the boat. I do not have a TV, DVD, big stereo system. What size generator do you suggest?

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The A/C will draw the highest load so check how many amps it draws and shop for a portable that will run it. The Honda 2000 may do it. The 3000 certainly will but that's getting a little big to be considered portable. Nevertheless, I doubt any of the portables will run everything at the same time so you'll need turn some things off in order to run others.


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A portable will be fine for basic power. It will run the fridge, the stove, the battery charger, outlets, hot water heater, pumps, etc. However, not all at the same time. I have a Honda 2K. I can't run two heating elements at the same time, like stove and water heater. You also need to keep in mind that a Honda 2K has a max. output of 13.3 Ah. So you're battery charger won't push more than about 10Ah to the batteries.

Let's say you turn your fridge down to 3. Let's assume for round numbers this is drawing 3Ah x 24 hrs = 72Ah to run the fridge off teh battery for one day. Let's say you could pump the full 13.3Ah that the Honda 2K puts out. Now you only need to run the generator for 5.4 hours to make up the deficit.

A2K will barely run the A/C, but doubtful anything else at the same time. I figure I get about 8-10 hrs run time on the genny, unless she is ramped up or the Eco switch is off. so don't count on sleeping through the night. Which, by the way, if you'r ein an anchorage with other boats, you would not be very popular running that thing all night.

If I'm out overnight, I don't bother bringing it with me. Size the house battery capacity according to average needs. I do use it if I'm going to be out for several days. Then I typically run it 2-3 hours a day to offset my burn rate on the house battery. I'll start it and turn the fridge to AC and the battery charger on. I may toss the water heater on for 10 min. to reheat the tank, then shut it off.

Just my .02
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The discussion about the generators is right on, you won't want much over 2K for noise, weight, etc. The AC/furn will be the biggest draw. Since I don't know where you are, any chance you could install a wind sail to push air down a front hatch, use canvas (bimini) to provide shade and make the temperature managable without the AC running?

I have a 2600SE and I added two more batteries to give me the power I need to get through the weekend along with my 2K Honeywell. (My Honeywell is a bear to start so I don't recommend one)
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