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Default Electrical issues - help needed....

Hi there fellow maxum boat owners.

I purchased a Maxum 2400 SE in the sumner and have enjoyed enormously. However when I bought the boat the horn did not work, in my ignorance I assumed there was not one fitted as everything else seemed to work.

A couple of weeks ago I needed to use the windlass, electrically it failed with both the switch on at the helm and by using the foot buttons on the bow.

Thus afternoon I went to take the boat out, just before starting I put on the engine blower and nothing happened. This has started me on a journey of discovery. I have tested the blower and it works fine when connected independently to a battery, however it does not work using the switch at the helm.

I have checked the fuses and these all seem good. The battery terminals are clean and not corroded.

Can anyone please help me out with....
The horn which does not work
The windlass which has failed
The blower which has failed

It all seems to bad electrical and I'm hoping someone might know what the cause could be
Thank you in advance for your assistance
Lincoln Uk

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Christian welcome aboard. Let me get this straight, when you bought the boat only the horn was not working all else verifed as working correct? Then windless stopped working and now blower. So far all fuses checked and verified good. These systems are only connect by ground. Therefore I am assuming where ever these get grounded is where the issue lies.

Using a volt meter with the black lead connected to a known good ground verify 12V at switches then 12V are component (horn, blower, windless).This will tell you 12V is getting there after that need to make sure ground side is good. Set volt meter to measure ohms (resistance) turn off all switches. keep black lead on good ground, place red lead to each component. It should read ~ zero ohms if greater that 100 you have a bad ground and need to located it and fix.

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there are usually 20amp gang fuses in little canister around the main battery switch.

the cap pulls off and revels a automotive double prong fuse.

The windless, has its own since its a heavy draw, and the main instrument gages are run off a the 80 amp fusible link that sits on top of the starter.

This link gets fried if you run on both batteries. (if you have two)

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Will the engine start, and other accessories work? Or is problem just horn/windlass/blower?
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