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Default 2002 2400 SD - JVC stereo

In my new to me boat it came with a JVC head unit. For various reasons I need to replace it. It is hard wired to the dash controls. The head unit is not mounted in the dash. There are dash controls for on/off, volume, scan, etc.

Has anyone found a plug and play unit that will match-up with the existing dash controls?


This is my first post, but have found tons of good info on the site since my purchase 3 weeks ago.

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welcome to the zoo....hopefully someone with your model can chime in..


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Thanks seapuppy! GLAD to be back in the boat business after a LOOONNNNGGGG 5 year absence!
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I think about the best you can do is note the model number of the existing unit and then get on the phone with JVC customer service or tech support and see if they have a current model that will be compatible with the existing remote controls.
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I have a 2001 2500 scr that probably had the same JVC unit below the main breaker panel down below. I too, was hoping to make a quick swap utiizing the sam wiring harness and trust me I called everybody. I had to buy a new unit and clip the existing plastic connector and then splice the new connector for the new unit onto it. There are a ton of wires, but color to color. It's pretty easy, just a bit cramped and time consuming. Good luck!
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To make life easy, you could use a quick connect terminal kit to make your own connection between dissimilar wiring harnesses:

It is cleaner than a wad of 1-to-1 connectors and allows you to disconnect/reconnect as needed. You still need to manually match wires.
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every wire color code diagram is on a big sticker on top of the new unit and old. cut and crimp..... simple. color are the same as the harness. check wiring diaigram in the online manual.

the only stray wire is the blue radio memory power that draws like 20 mill amps. this can be crimped to the red power so it come on with the maim battery switch.

if he really get board, and read your install manual, when you turn on the unit and push the seek down for 3 seconds, the radio will grab and fill your pre-set station buttons to the most strongest stations until you cut the main power again.

you get a stray spanish station, but its easier then messing with present before every boat trip.

i made a copy of my fuse box from the manual and keep it in the boat so, i don't have to guess when i'm under the dash.
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I just go the wireless remote route and Velcro the remote to the helm. Then you can have it where you want it, and don't have to mess with a thing. Might also consider getting a newer model with USB and MP3 capabilities. I love the USB, NEVER skips!

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