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Maxum Boat Owners Club - Forum: Members List
User Name Reverse Sort Order Posts Avatar LocationBoat YearBoat NameBoat Model
ualemp1131 1   Palmetto2000/2300mhnone yet 
UB40 1   Croatia2400SE/2004Ljubica 
ulven71 12   Hamar, NorwayMaxum 3000scr year 20003 little monkeys 
ulyseemuffjr 19    1993" The Mary Frances " 
Uncleted 100    1999Maxumscr3000uncleted 
UnderDog 5   Westbrook, CT2001 Maxum 2300 sc  
Up North 7   British Columbia2003Up North3500 SY
upnorth 3 upnorth's Avatar Cincinnati, Ohio2008Up NorthMaxum 2500 SE
USAF Long 16 USAF Long's Avatar Salt Lake City, UT1997 2700 SCRCherry on Top 
ussoldier_1984 54   Bear creek, NC1995 Maxum 1800srCant think of a name yet 
USSwede 1    2008Marina (2500 SE) 
Utah2400 1    1994Pure Vida 
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12

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