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Default OOfah! Keep those motors in alignment!

..Well, back on the water after a couple of weeks in the shop. All started out innocently enough when I dropped the reverse gear. Must be a broken cable (and of course, it's the cable aft of the linkage going into the outdrive). So had to haul out, drop the drive----and the drive is stuck! Apparently no one had ever completely serviced the drive before, or checked alignment, and when it was finally coaxed off the coupler and spindle were trashed. So now the motor comes out. By the time the coupler was replaced, (as well as replacing a fairly new but inferior aft market manifold), the usual maintanece items, and new motor mounts etc, I am back in after around 6 grand of work! This boat is one year new to me, but going over past registrations I can see it has passsed hands around 4 times. Lots of owners, none concerned about keeping up true service on a boat. Ah well....we'll just call this day one as far as the service record goes, and on from here! See ya out there!

2000 SCR 2800, 7.4 BIII
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ouch!!! :shock: ...that's gonna leave a mark!!

glad your back in the water and will have a good summer!!!....sorry bout the cost...but should all be good now!!....

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The coupler went out on our 96 2700SCR when it was just a few days over the warranty period. The repair shop worked with Maxum and they actually honored the warranty, so it didn't cost us anything. Now, 10 years later, the yearly outdrive service shows it is worn but still serviceable. It definitely pays to have it checked every year. (Did have to replace the bellows and gymbal bearing, but that's to be expected after 11 years!
1996 2700SCR
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