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Default Memorial weekend trip

Howdy fellow was an great GREAT weekend....we just got home a little bit ago from an outstanding weekend...
The admiral and I got off work friday and met up with a friend of ours...she was a co-worker that we'd been promising to take out with us on the boat for quite awhile. Either her schedule or ours never matched up....but she was able to join us this time...we got to the boat at about 4:30 friday and was able to load the boat and get underway by's a 3 hr drive up to the gem of the san juan islands...Blakely island is a real gem..quiet...peaceful...and just outstanding views....we had an incredible ride with narley a wake all the way up...even deception pass was calm....
we tied up at about 8pm and walked the dogs/ate dinner/watched some tv and finally crashed...
saturday we were waiting for tony and tess (Friends of ours) to join us and by about 11 figured they weren't we made it out of blakely island heading for friday harbor, tony and tess show up and join us at friday harbor for killer hamburgers...once we tie up tony informs me his batt's are we go to westmarine to get new batteries....
not before we tie up Doug and Lea (boaters from the south sound )steam up in thier new dink....talked for a bit and headed up to get new batteries.....
after the batt's are installed we head out to fill the gas tanks and seek out the orca whales that are resident around the islands....
we were lucky as hell....for several reasons....1) the weather guessers didn't get the weather right up in the san juan was perfect...warm...a light breeze ...and hardly any clouds.....2) we found the pod on our first try and had 2 youngsters pass within about 20 ft of my bow!! was impressive....I hope we got some photo's and I'll download some later.....we got to see the whales for about an hr and a half...
then we headed back to retrieve tony's boat and head back to blakely island where we pot lucked it till we couldn't eat any more....and crashed....sunday we all kinda chilled...watched the weather..enjoyed lunch at the general store along with fresh made ice cream/donuts and hotdogs.....later we potlucked again and crashed....
I watched the indy 500 ...every else went for a hike or crashed...........
today we got up for a our return trip and had just a little sloppy water returning around the straights of rosario....once thru deception pass the water smoothed out and the ride was a dream all the way home...
one thing we noticed was that the boat traffic was way down.......probably due to the price of gas.....

Our weekend was incredible...we treated a friend to a trip of a lifetime where we saw otters, seals, whales, eagles and god only knows what else......we had wonderful weather and great food.....

I sincerely hope everyone had an outstanding doesn't get any better than that.....

oh yeah...the long island iced tea's were plenty.....along with Jimmy buffet songs ...what a great weekend...


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Sounds like a great trip!

We were not quite as ambitious, just a day trip from Everett to Edmonds for lunch at Anthony's then a cruise around Hat Island.

Then a serious scrubbing and washing to prepare for putting it in Lake Washington for the summer.
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