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Default Trim and trailer buttons

I'm on my phone and I don't see a search function or I'd search for an answer without bugging people.

'97 1900 SR....I noticed that when trailering the boat, the trim works like I figured it would but the 'trailer' button, sure seems like it takes a long time to come all the way up.

My buddy's '03 only has the trim button, comes all the way up regular speed I guess. Then he trailers the boat.

I could have sworn last trip out I held that trailer button a solid 60 seconds or more to get it from, let's say, 'max trim' to 'trailering height'

Know what I'm sayin?

Side note...thought I saw somewhere that max trim up was actually like a default height for when I'm WOT (at present, my trim gage doesn't work...I usually get on plane then bump the trim up a second or two til I feel she's runnin well) Keep in mind, I have two buttons, trim and trailer

Again...see my board name lol!

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Sounds like the the same setup of a 1994 Regal w/Merc Alpha drive I had. I trimmed by feel and it ran best at the mid point. The trim and trailer switch activate the same pump so I am baffled why the reduce speed. The only difference is voltage goes through separate limit switches located on the side of the out-drive. My son now has the boat and it still has the original trim pump. A few years ago it got a little noisy so we added Marvel's Mystery oil and cycled it repeatedly. We left it in there for a couple trips out then flushed the system and replaced fluid with the correct fluid. Still runs great. The trim/trailer switches have been replaced twice and both limit switches once.

Sorry I couldn't be of any help.

David & Carol
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The outdrive has a single trim pump. The difference between the TRIM and TRAILER button is simply that the TRIM circuit goes through the 'Trim Limit Sensor', while the Trailer button bypasses the 'Trim Limit Sensor'.

The Trim Limit Sensor will limit how far out you can trim the drive. It is limited to the safe range during operation, while running. You wouldn't want to accidentally raise you drive too far out of the water while underway.

The Trailer button bypasses this limiter and allows you to raise the drive all the way out for either trailering or floating in shallow water.

Since it uses the same pump and hydraulic fluid from the same reservoir, it is impossible for one to raise the drive 'FASTER' than the other.

Yes, the amount of travel for Trim is significantly shorter than the amount of travel for the Trailer position. Yes, it will take much longer to start at the IN position and reach the trailer limit than it will be to reach the trim limit. (This would be like saying it took me much longer to walk 5 miles than it did to walk 1 mile at the same speed).
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Makes perfect sense now. Thank you for the explanation!
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Check your fluid level in the pump reservoir it may be low thus making the pump work to get the cylinders to max extension.
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