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Default 2400 SCR cabin door lock


I have recently bought a 1998 2400 SCR here in the UK.

The cabin door has a black coloured lock at the top which has a sliding bolt. Unfortunately, I have no key. On the inside of the door the lock says it is made by Mobella and there are two three figure numbers showing (one begins with a 9 and the other begins with an 8). I am trying to get a replacement key but it's proving quite difficult. Any ideas ?

I have tried various searches and can source the one below easily in the UK :

Would this do the job ?

Many thanks for any ideas - I'm new to all of this !!!!

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Well, let me be the first to welcome you to the forum!! I can only offer that a locksmith may be your best choice, but I'm sure that there are others here that could give more direct advice..
And congratulations on your new boat!!

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Welcome aboard. The first place I would try is a locksmith. If he can't make a key for you, then the second thing I'd do is buy a complete replacement lock mechanism and replace the one you have. Well, that isn't completely accurate. The first thing I'd do is forget about it and simply not lock the cabin door. If someone wants to get in they will. An unlocked door is less likely to be damaged in the process of forced entry. If you prefer, go with options #1 nad #2 .
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Have to agree with the lock comment that Shrew made. Locking the door will only keep honest people out. If someone really wants in, a long handled screwdriver or a pry bar - common tools for thieves, will pop the door open without fuss. The latches simply are not stout enough to thwart an even marginally determined bottom dweller.

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first off..welcome to the zoo....second...get the numbers off and contact your local bayliner parts guy....he can order the keys directly from brunswick.....if you STILL can't get it...come back here and I'll give you a guy that CAN get them here in the states....he'll drop ship them directly too you from the US but it will probably be 3 times the expense if you can't get them locally...

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Here is a link to a post about my experience in getting the keys for the mobella latch. Sorry it's so long, but the link to where I purchased the key blanks is at the bottom. I took the blanks to a local lumber store and they were able to cut it.
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Thanks guys for all your advice - much appreciated by this newbie!
I think that you're quite right; if someone wants to get in then they will. My wife found a box of old locks and keys in our garage ( I never throw anything away!), she suggested trying one of the old keys and guess what? One of them works. So I have a solution but Shrew's and ss3964spd's comments are stuck in my head so I'll probably leave itas we'll not be leaving much on board.

She's due to go in the water this week. Can't wait even though our summer's finished and we're heading into the fall! We'll be using her on inland rivers mainly in the UK. Got a marina berth and we're not too far from the sea. Maybe next season ...

Thanks again to you all - I'm sure I'll be asking more questions soon!

All the best,
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Allot of good advise in the responses. With the plexi glass door (as is the case with most 90's 2400SCR's, you are only keeping the honest out. I had my boat for all of 1 week before someone put a foot to the door and split it right in half.
Finding a key is going to be a real challenge as it is a two sided key.
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Number is on the key. Got replacement for mine on e bay. They should be available.

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