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Tom, I saw those in WM's catalog. They are close, would do, but also not exactly what I'm looking for.

I hear ya Roger, but I don't really have much that I tote around, or bring aboard, the boat. Not even tools. I'm really just looking for something to keep smaller items organized and secured.


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Originally Posted by ss3964spd View Post
............ I don't really have much that I tote around, or bring aboard, the boat. Not even tools.
How ironic. One of the few guys on the site with the MOST mechanical knowledge doesn't bring any tools, while guys like me carry the shop around and call a tow boat. LOL. I have to admit, I've moved the oil filter wrench enough to start wondering if I REALLY need it on the boat.

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Thanks Shrew,
Speaking from experience, I must say that I'm a believer in your Boating Theorem.
Tom, if you choose to put some clips to hold stuff under the ski locker door, be sure to size the screws for them so that they don't go thru the gelcoat on the topside.
I did have to unscrew the trim pump bracket from the floor and relocate it to the furthest corner for the 3 batteries to fit. Its just 4 screws securing it to the floor but its a bit tight to work back there. I did't use battery trays, just stainless screws thru the bottom of the battery case (there are predrilled holes on the Optimas) to the floor plus the battery strap. The Optimas are gel cell, so I don't need to remove them. I have quick connects to charge them, plus a combiner that charges them from the alternator.
Another mod I did, shown in the attached pics, was to pre install and zip tie a spare alternator belt, so I won't have to carry onboard the heavy tools needed to replace one on the water. The power steering belt is a straightforward replacement and shouldn't require heavy tools. I carry a spare belt in my onboard tool bag.
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I can't believe how clean it is behind your seats... Any and all debris that falls on the sole ends up back there on mine and is a pain in the butt to get clean. I'm probably going to steal most of your ideas at some point during the summer.

One of the best tools I ever found is called the SkewDriver. It's a 90 degree (probably actually 85 degree) offset gear driven screwdriver that lets you work in the tightest places. It fits in a drill or 1/4" screwdriver handle and accepts standard 1/4" screwdriver tips. It's the best thing ever invented...

-- Tom

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Hey Tom,
Wish I'd known of the SkewDriver when I was working back there with my head, shoulder and arm poking thru the tiny cutout behind the aft jump seat, Thanks for sharing!
Most of my ideas for mods were "stolen" as well but thats the purpose of forums such as these.
I have 2 almost-grown teenage boys who enjoy wake boarding and tubing and often bring their pals along. I like to fish, most of the time alone, so my mods were done with these activities in mind as I can't afford 2 boats. Like you, I enjoy modifying the boat to suit those needs.
We've identical boats so I'd be happy to share what I've done and learnt along the way.

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