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Default Re: Anyone with a 2700 SC/SCR and a singe 350/5.7?

Bought a new prop. I got a Solas Stainless Steel 18.25 x 19. I did the calculation and got pretty much what I wanted. My cruise speed is now 25mph (GPS) at 3500 RPM. This was my previous max speed at 4500 RPM. My old prop was slipping a lot. My WOT is 33mph at 4200 RPM. It appears to be over propped. I do like the cruise speed though. I am getting only about 20% slip versus the 42% slip I was getting before. Only about 12% at WOT. If I keep the same slip, a 17 pitch (recommend OEM) would increase my RPM 200-300 and make my cruise about 3900 RPM. This is higher than I would like but maybe better. I don't know. I am having my old prop redone with some more cup to see if that reduces the slip. I am getting pretty good at pulling the prop in the water .

1998 2700 SCR
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