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Lightbulb Alarm sounding but no issues.

Hi all! I recently got a 2006 Maxum 1800 SR3 and the first 2 times everything was great and now I get an alarm every once and a while when I am just idling. It stays on when I am idling and just barely in gear then goes off once I am cruising. My engine temp and water temp are good and she still drives like a dream. One thing is, my oil gauge does not work so I am wondering if that is triggering the alarm even though my oil level is good. If this is the case, how would I go about trying to fix/reconnect my oil gauge. Or, does anyone have any other ideas as to what is causing this alarm?

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the alarm and gauge are working.... they are telling you you have a oil pressure issue.

So, replace the oil switch first as it is only $20.

If you want to be cleaver, goto autozone and buy a $20 oil gauge with plastic tubes, and hook it up temporarily and use that as a bench test.

sounds like to me you have the wrong oil, or water or water perhaps.

you could be losing oil, and or it could be your drive oil level setting off the alarm.

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The oil gauge does not measure oil level, it monitors oil pressure. You can have a low oil level and yet still have great oil pressure, or you can have low oil pressure but oil level is spot on. If the oil pressure is too low you're going to need to find out why. The alarm staying on at idle speed, then going off when cruising does suggest low oil pressure; the oil pressure is lower when an engine is idling and the pressure gets higher when the engine speeds up.

As Pas mentioned you might seriously consider connecting a mechanical oil pressure gauge. You can also simply replace the oil pressure sending unit to see if that solves the issue - they do go bad sometimes.

One last thing, has the oil gauge ever worked since you've had the boat? If not, have a look behind the gauge panel to make sure the the wires are in fact connected to the gauge.
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We have only had the boat for a couple weeks and only taken it out twice. I dont think that the gauge ever worked since we had it. That is why I am wondering if the gauge connection or sending unit is faulty causing the alarm to go off.

I am going to buy a mechanical oil pressure gauge and try that when I have a chance. Do you know where the oil pressure sending unit might be located?

If the oil pressure was very low wouldnt that cause my engine to get hot? The temp stays right at 175 and I opened the engine compartment and everything felt fine.
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May want to check the outdrive oil reservoir. If it's a that particular level, the alarm will give a intermittent beep.

There are other things that will set off the alarm as well. You may need to have a tech use his scanner to find the problem.
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