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Default Shows 12 Volts but no power

I have an anchor light where the socket shows 12 volts yet when I put the light in place it doesn't work. When I run the light off the battery directly it works fine. Both sources showing pretty much the same voltage. It is in a 2300 SCR. Also looking for a wiring diagram for the boat as well. I also have what seems to be a ground in the forward nav light where up to the switch it shows 12 volts but turn on the switch and it drops to .10 volts. Any help would be appreciated.

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Default Re: Shows 12 Volts but no power

firt off ..electrical problems can be a bi#ch to find ...for the first problem I'd say there might be a bad connection to the light...might wanna check those contacts out for corrosion or any kind of small trash that can stop the current form hitting the light...

second..either the switch has a short in it...or there is a direct short along the path to the connector...your going to have to hand over it all the way from the helm sw. to the connector at the fitting....that's the only way to find a short at this point in time..

sorry but I'm only taking a wag at it from a distance...

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Default Re: Shows 12 Volts but no power

Are you checking the socket with a volt meter? If you are it will read a voltage through corrosion but will not hold any current to light the bulb. Try checking the socket with a 12 volt test light and you will find it doesn't work indicating a corroded connection to the socket.
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Default Re: Shows 12 Volts but no power

I would also consider using a volt meter on the contacts on the socket, then plug the post in and try to use the volt meter on the contacts on the light. There are technically 2 sets of contacts. One that completes the connection from the socket to the post, one that completes the connection from the post to the bulb. I believe it was recommended earlier that it might be the bulb or the post. I'm assuming you've already verified that it's not the filament in the bulb which is also part of the circuit as well. I like to start at the device and work back, so bulb, to bulb contacts, to post contacts, etc.

I didn't know a volt meter could register 12 volts, but still not light a bulb. I would think it would show weak voltage if that were the case. I guess you learn something new every day.
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Default Re: Shows 12 Volts but no power

Hi Shrew,
Just to let you know you can get voltage at any point even if there is corrosion,
i have had problems like this on12-24- 110-220 volts while working on the rigs, but as soon as you start to draw current you loose the voltage through the corrosion.
So it is one to watch out for.

Just bought my 1st boat so just learning.
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