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Default SCR3200 Stereo Wiring Route

Hey Guys...I swear, whenever I open up the master switch panel at the helm, I manage to lose power to something...An absolute clusterf**k of wires. Anyway, it could be coincidence or not, but last week I lost power to my stereo. I dont seem to have any fuses blown on the two fuse blocks at the helm...any idea how the power routes out of the stereo? Does it head back over to where the Galley TV is, or directly back to the helm area.



Jeff P.
1998 3200SCR
Lake Hartwell, GA
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I don't have an answer per se, but maybe a couple of suggestions. I beleive (assume) the stereo is in the same place as most models, just inside the cabin door on the port side. You could try to pull the stereo to possibly get an idea of which direction the wires are coming in. They might be going straight back into the engine compartment. Some wire it directly to the battery, though mine runs off of the battery switch. Honestly, I've never chased it myself. If it does run off of one of the 12V fuse blocks, you could try to narrow it down by isolating only those connections which are not going to a switch at the helm. The systematically pull fuses to see what turns off. It might be an opportunity to map the fuse block. Theoretically the one that doesn't turn anything off is a likely candidate to be the stereo. (Either that or something else isn't working). It might be a pain to check every light, pump, etc. but then there's not THAT much running off of 12V.

I know it's not an answer, but hopefully it helps.

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I plan on replacing both of the fuse blocks this weekend, I think I'll be heading down your troubleshooting route...thanks Shrew.
Jeff P.
1998 3200SCR
Lake Hartwell, GA
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I just replaced the head unit in my 99 3000 SCR. The wires come from just below the Master panel to the left.

I also added 2 amps, 2 subs and 4 more speakers, remote on transom, remote CeNet and remote MP3, so I used a cordless drill with a 1 1/2" paddle bit to drill a whole for new wires. There is a plywood wall there that prevents you from not drilling.

You will need a small drill like the new Makita 18v to fit in this area.

On the 3000 there is a precut access panel below the sink to access the port full tank sensor.

You can use a feeder (coat hanger, fish tape) to run more or a new power wire to you Stereo head unit.

This area is really tight for visual while drilling but it is doable.

Hope this Helps!

We also made out New Years Eve to enjoy the 75* and do a little dog training.

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the stereo trim ring pops off the sides with a squeeze. then the radio unit has a tab on each side you push in and it slides out like in the dash of your car.

the wire harness is on a plug in back and RED is power. see if its hot. also, the purple wire is your preset memory, most of the time its tided to the power.

then that power lead travels down the side of the boat to the main battery switch.

there are six fuse water poof canster looking things around the main battery switch. pull the caps off and check the fuse inside, they are like the ones under the dash.

finally, check the 80amp fuseible link sitting on top of the starter, this is the main power lead to the harness, if melted, or rusted, its a $20 fix.

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