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CGG 05-17-2020 06:44 PM

2000 3300SCR Dinette Table
Does the table come down to turn that into a small bed? Trying to get it off the post and it seems to be jammed in pretty good. I assume it will slide into the wood rails. Any thoughts on how to get the table off the post.

donald 05-17-2020 07:17 PM

Try twisting it as you lift it. they sometimes stick and are hard to remove.
The post the deck may have to be unscrewed at the base ( not removing the base plate ).
My 2400 was stuck to the point I had to put a strap wrench on it to get it to turn out
( was threaded into post )

sph801 05-17-2020 07:56 PM

I have a 3300 and turned the dinnette into a bed once. Don't remember exactly how but I can tell you nothing has to be unscrewed. It's all done by hand. When I go the boat next weekend I can verify the steps.

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Trey5684 05-18-2020 12:35 PM

My 3100 has a spring assisted post, I loosen the knob on the post and push down the table. Fairly strong spring requires a good push. My table is fixed to the post and goes not come off like the removable cockpit table.
Probably several different types though.

sph801 05-23-2020 03:28 PM

Made it to the boat. To remove table lift up on table which will pull it off the pole. Remove the pole. Mine is tight so I have to wiggle it back and forth while pulling up on it. Then just slide the table out and place it on the lower shelf. Hope that helps.

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