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  1. MoonRiver
    Are in the water yet? How are the docks this season? We probably wont get down to Conklin's until 1st week in June.
  2. MoonRiver
    No Tellin, I have never driven down into Conklin with my 2700 on the trailer. Seems a bit scary with my Tundra. Do you launch your boat or does Tim & Tom do it for you? I heard they charge $75 to launch.

    The wife and I really enjoy launching in downtown CDA and then cruising down the entire lake on our way to Conklin. We are going to try to get in for Cinco d Mayo
  3. MoonRiver
    Awe yes boating season is approaching. Can you believe it is still trying to snow in Spokane, enough already!
    Latest Conklin update, they are putting up B Dock shade covers and Tim says the water is still pretty low.

  4. Jduncan99217
    We are at Conklin on B Dock. Come say hi. Looking forward to the upcoming season.
  5. MoonRiver
    No Tellin', I was just admiring your boating pictures and noticed some very familiar places on my summer cruising water CDA lake. The name does look familiar as well we keep our 2700SCR at Conklings and frequent Harrison and Windy Bay. We are on the Moon River and will keep a lookout for ya next year.

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