96 Maxum 3200
My "old boat"
AURORA Grey on Blue
Aurora in Silverdale, WA
First stop after PT Townsend haul out; Whaling Days in Silverdale, WA.
PT Townsend ready to go back in the water w/M
PT Townsend after paint - rear
PT Townsend haul out after paint
PT Townsend haul out before paint
PT Townsend haul out transport
PT Townsend haul out
PT Townsend into the lift
PT Townsend awaiting haul out
PT Townsend docks
Indian Island passage
Aurora wake
Aurora life
Mmmm...steak, Aurora style.
M and Romo-Dog at the helm
View from the bow of the Aurora
Room-Dog wants coffee
Aurora in Poulsbo, WA
Sunset on the Aurora
Teaching Romo-dog that water is wet
Aurora deck
Kitsap Bluejackets baseball players, Frankie & Cisco...our Boys of Summer.

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