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Default What prop is best for my boat?

Bought a 2000 Maxum 1900 SR with the 5.0 Mercruiser, has a Orgin Waketower on it. took it to the lake last week and noticed it takes long to plane out, with one person wakeboarding and 4 more in the back of the boat it does not plane out, without the wakerborder and just 4 people in the back it takes a couple of minutes to plane out, with all the passengers in the fron it only takes about 10 secs. any ideas what prop shuld be used on this boat? i was recomend a 15 pitch but id love to hear more ideas

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The best prop is the one that gets you in the WOT rpm range of the engine at WOT.

What is the wide open throttle rpm of your engine, it should be posted on the nameplate on the engine? What is your current rpm at WOT? What is your current prop?

It could just be that your engine doesn’t have enough hp for the loads you are submitting it to. But there are other factors as well. How are you trimming the outdrive while planing out? Is it trimmed all the way in?

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I was in somewhat the same position.

What you want is a 4 blade propeller and pitch that gets close to your engines highest recommended RPM at WOT (full throttle). You can get that max value from your engine manual. I have a 4.3 Mercruiser and its Max WOT RPM is between 4400-4800RPM. The prop is a stainless solas, 4 blade, 17 Pitch and that gets me to 4600RPM. It has plenty of power for wakeboarding with 5-6 people onboard without any issues. A 5.0 should crush this :-) The 4 blade gives you more holeshot, which gets you onto plane faster which is especially necessary for towing and watersports.

If you can afford it, go for a stainless steel prop as you get more "grip" than flex in the water. If you are a novice at boating recommend sticking with Aluminum for now as stainless steel is vastly more expensive. If you hit anything on a lake etc there will be tears.

When was the engine last serviced? and any marine growth at the bottom of the boat?
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