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Default Windy conditions

Hi all,

We are novices and would appreciate my advice ....

We dry pen our boat and therefore have to dock at a floating jetty.

Sometimes when the wind is blowing away from the doc we find it quite hard to doc.

We always have 2people on the boat.

Last time the wind was up when I jumped off at tied the bow, immediately it pivoted on this cleat and blew the back end out.

Someone suggested we should have a spring line for all conditions. The thought was that we jump off the bow and have the line tied at the bow that we jump off and run through a cleat on the doc mid way on the boat and immediately tie off on th back....

This way the boat doesn't move

Then we correctly tie off on the bow nd stern.....

Any thoughts.... Any help would be appreciated as we are real novices with a 28ft boat

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I have the line on boat center cleat when I step off the swim grid line in hand tie that line then the stern line.I do it alone quite a bit so far no problem.Have your line ready it gets easy the more you do it.

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yep...definitely...have 3 lines preset ..bow...mid...stern...have the midship line ready and when you step off...tie the midship cleat down....for us..we have a 35 ft boat...when the wind blows us off the dock...the admiral will step off and tie off the stern the boat is blowing off the dock...I'll apply some fwd throttle which brings the bow into the dock..then have the admiral tie midship line and then by then I'll be off and go up and grab the bow line........

we have it down to a science......

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simple rules:

1. bow into the wind.
2. quick 90 degree to dock.
3. jump on the dock with lines in hand.
4. work those line like flying a kite.
5. tie bow off first.
6. tie off stern.
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