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Default Water spraying from exhaust boot below riser

Iíve got a bit of a strange one. I have a 93 Maxum 1800 with the 3.0L and the alpha 1 gen 2.

Iíll give the question then the backstory.

While taking it out tonight at anything above 2000rpm I have water spraying out of the bottom of the lower boot on the exhaust. I meant spraying like finger over the end of a garden hose. Slow down no spray. Have to run the bilge the whole time while driving at any sort of rpm above 2000. My thought is stuck exhaust shutter but Iím open for second opinions.

The backstory

2 weekends ago just when it got up on plane I noticed the engine was about to overheat. I shut it down and got towed in. That night I started it up no problem, ran it in neutral at about 1500-2000 rpm and she stayed below 150. Put it in idle and temp shot right up.

Took it out of the water and changed the impeller (which was still in good shape). Noticed the water tube had 2 holes either blown or melted into it as well as the tube guide was completely melted. Replaced that as well.

Took it to the water the next day, still wanted to heat up at idle. Replaced the thermostat and that fixed the heating at idle.

Took it out tonight for test run and noticed the aforementioned water spray out of the bottom exhaust boot. I mean this spray could probably fill the bilge in about 5 mins or so but the temp stayed under 150 while running at wot and a little above 150 while going through no wake zones.

Just interested in anyoneís thoughts.

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This is not normal and needs to be fixed. The amount of water increases with rpm since the water pump is turning faster with rpm which is required to take away the heat of the engine. The over heating melted the hose as water is injected to cool the exhaust, no water then high temps and the rubber melts.

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Yep, you need a new exhaust hose. You should also expect to need a new water shutter, which is easy to replace since you'll have the exhaust apart.
If your shutters are burned, make sure you remove both metal plates. If the shutters melt the metal plates will slide down into the exhaust. This won't hurt anything unless the shutter blocks the exhaust.
Check condition of exhaust bellows also.
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