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Default Water shooting out shore water connector

This spring we purchased a 2001 3000SCR and little by little I have been fixing things requiring attention. One of the things that I had to replace was the fresh water pump, and everything is working fine except that about 1/2 the time when the pump is running, water will get shot out of the shore water connection on the back of the boat. The other day it did this and I didn't notice because I was in the cabin and about 15 minutes later my fresh water tank was completely empty!

I replaced the old pump (4.0 gal/min) with a slightly smaller one (3.0 gal/min) so I don't think that I am pushing too much pressure through the lines. I am guessing that there is some sort of valve/stop in the line but I am not sure where to begin to look for it. Has anybody had this problem and know what needs to be done to fix it?

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there is a back flow preventer on the shore water your local bayliner parts guy with the HIN of your boat and talk to them..they can pull the water diagram up and probably tell you where it's located....

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Just to be clear, is the shorewater connected at the time this occurs? Is the shore water valve open at the time? This occurs when you are running the pump? Why would you need to run the pump with the shore water connected and on?
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Check to see if you hocked up the pump differently. The fresh water show enter prior to the pump while to shore water should enter after the pump because it has it own pressure and to pump works a a back flow devise
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you can unscrew this hose adapter from the back of the boat and buy a new on for $48 bucks.

usually, the plastic cap breaks off and you have to replace the whole thing.

its like a screw in cork.

without it your pumping everything over board.
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Shrew - No I do not have the shore water connected when this happens.

Pascavone - In taking a look at it again, you were correct that the hose adapter unscrews by hand, so I didn't have to take that actual screws out of the assembly or anything.

When I took it off, I noticed some washers and a rubber disc that acts like a check valve. There is also a decent sized spring that rests in the line itself, not the assembly that I took off. So it looks like the spring keeps the valve closed under normal circumstances, and when you run the freshwater pump no water should come out. When you hook up a hose to shore water, that forced the stopper and spring backwards and allows water in from that direction. Everything appeared to be ok, so I just put the assembly back together, tightened it up and no more water is coming out. Maybe the valve just got stuck and didn't close all the way. If it happens again I will replace it, but for now it appears to be working ok. Thanks everybody!

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