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Originally Posted by shrew View Post
Are you removing/installing it with the hoses on? I would think it would be lighter an easier without the elbow.

A friend showed me a trick he uses. He took a couple of long bolts that match the thread pattern of the manifold mounting bolts. He then cu the heads off, , essentially making a stud, and then ground a notch on the end of the bolt for a flathead screwdriver.

He pulls one bolt, then greases and installs the homemade stud. He pulls a second bolt and replaces with another greased stud.

now he removes the rest of the bolts, leaving the studs in place. He slides the manifold off, again leaving the studs in place.

Now install the new manifold using the studs to hold the manifold in place.

Install the bolts. Now remove each stud and replace with bolts one at a time.

Now torque down the bolts.

This process allows you to easily replace manifolds alone and allows the gasket to stay in place as well.

Yes I left the elbows on and loosened the hose clamps on the rubber joints at the Y pipe. That holds the majority of the manifold and centers it. My one manifold next the the generator is the worst to get to and hold in place, and this made it much easier to get the bolts started.

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