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Default Trailer with surge brakes

I have a maxum trailer that has surge brakes. Not sure if it is working right. When I am pulling the trailer (with boat on it) and I come to stop, the trailer jerks when I take off. It seems like the trailer slides forward to engage the trailer brakes, but does not go back until I take off. Is this the way the surge brakes work?

Can anyone help?

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Welcome aboard.

If you are on a downward slope it will behave as you described as gravity will keep pressure on the surge master cylinder otherwise should be smooth.

First thing I would do is inspect the brakes themselves as they can get rusty and freeze. Then verify the master cylinder is releasing pressure when sitting on level ground.

FYI when backing up the brakes will lock and there should be a pin to insert on the master cylinder to lockout the brakes.

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Not all surge brakes have a pin or lever to lock out. Especially older ones.

There is no spring to push the master cylinder forward and release the brakes, so what you are describing sounds pretty normal, but perhaps sticky and in need of lubrication.
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I have surge brakes as well and no "pin". It sounds like air in the system may be an issue. Try bleeding the brakes after you check for rust and sticking.
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Every surge brake trailer I have owned has done that. I just ease off the brakes and let it clunk before accelerating.
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That is the nature of surge brakes. You can minimize the movement and cluncking by making sure all the air is bleed from the system and the brakes are adjusted correctly.

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