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Default Towing a 2300 SC

I have a 2001 2300SC Maxum,think a 1500 Avalanche will tow it ok or am I going to need a 2500?


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1500 will tow it but a 2500 would be preferred.

brakes are the weak link in a 1500.

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almost everything will tow it once it is on the road
the question is the circomstances
the distance, during day time or when you have the road to youre self, braking and if it's a one way trip.
i tow the boat over 30kms once a year (from my home to the harbour)
even a donkey could do that
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Max Towing Capacity of tow vehicle?
Max Tongue Weight of tow vehicle?
Weight of Trailer?
Tongue weight of trailer (loaded)?
Weight of Boat (Consider weight of gear, fuel, and possibly water)?

Other things to consider is distance, amount and grade of hills. The big concerns are really: Can it perform a controlled stop in a reasonable distance? Can it haul the boat back up the ramp?

I would want some room for safety. I would be hesitant if the total package were 7.5K and I had an 8K max. for example. I know that fuel, water, gear is going to be underestimated in my equation somewhere.
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