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Default Third battery

I have asked this question before and not gotten very far with it but maybe one of you 3000 owners might know. I am wanting to add a house battery (deep cycle) for my 12 volt frig and cabin lights.
My question: where are the positive leads for these things? Are they connected to the one of the isolaters? Where ever they are I want to disconnect them from the two starting batteries.

Thanks for all answers.........


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if you take your fuse block diagram from the book, cut the page, and rotate fuse block #1, 180 degrees around on the paper, then photo copy it together with Fuse block #2, you will get the actual arrangement's of Fuse block #1 & #2 under your dash.

Fuse block #2 has a 10 AMP RED WIRE REFER power supply and a 10 AMP BLUE WIRE GALLEY LT power supply.

your would need to run a new power feed up to the fuse block #2 from your new house battery and connect them there where they branch into the cabin.

It would be wise to cut in a 10 AMP fuse for each circuit.
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