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Default Thetford Pumpout Head

We recently bought a 95 2300SC (2004 engine) and it has a thetford head. The head has a macerator pump and a one inch (guess) line from there to a small chrome fixture on the starboard hull by the water intake, with a screened vent.

We have not used the head yet, because i can't figure out how the pump out is supposed to work. When a press the macerator pump button, it runs ok, but nothing gets picked up. There is a small amount of blue treated flush water in the receptacle.

Is the pump supposed to just push the discharge over the side through the chrome thing? Jeez, I think the harbor master would have a problem with that...

Can anyone give me the scoop on how this is supposed to work and what I should do to get legal?

BTW, we love the boat. We just don't go too far yet :-)


Joe McGrath, Gloucester
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welcome to the zoo...I'm not sure I know that head bear with me....
under the steps leading into the salon..there should be an access panel or something to the bilge..there is a valve there with a lever should be in the up position...that allows water to be taken in from the water outside the boat....
next..make sure the lever is in the right position..meaning to the left brings water the right..pumps it out into a black water tank probably under your fresh water tank.....
if your not getting any glow...this is where you either need a repair kit or atleast get some teflon grease..take the plunger handle out of the pump assy...and slather the snot out of the pump, handle...seals...etc. and then reassemble...
if it still doesn't draw water in and out..then the joker valve needs replacing.....that's about all there is too this type of unit...
if you fill the tank up with black water not ...DO NOT use the macerator to pump overboard in US waters....
in order to do that...the valve in the engine bay must be open to allow the macerator to pump overboard....

hope this helps..


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Thanks for the info. After the hurricanes, I'll get back in and see what's what.

Joe McGrath, Gloucester
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