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Default That'll be the last time I do THAT!!

Sitting on the anchorage this Saturday afternoon and a couple of teens come up in a dingy and ask for some matches to light their grill. I don't keep 'matches' on the boat as I don't have much need for open flames. I give them my long grill lighter and say:

"I need this back". "You're going to being it back to me, this is my only grill lighter". What is the name of your boat. What kind of boat is it, where is it?"

They assure me they'll be 'RIGHT BACK'. Not only did they never come back, but the boat they pointed to was gone after a few hours. So there I am overnighting on the anchor with no way to light my grill and cook lunch, or dinner or lunch on Sunday.

I want to thank those two boys for ruining my willingness to help out a fellow boaters in the future. I don't care about a 3 dollar grill lighter. I am frustrated that I was put in this position for no other reason other for trying to be a nice guy and help out a fellow boater. These boys have reinforced my belief that deep down inside their heart of hearts.....people S*ck!! (If yo udon't think so then ask yourself why people will cut you off in traffic, but not in line at the grocery store).

New Rule: I don't lend anything to anyone I don't know.

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That really sucks, similar things like that have happen to me. That is why I NEVER lend my jumper cables out. If you need then, you should have bought some. I came to that conclusion when I not only had to buy new cables, but also I was out side in the rainy cold weather. I'll give people a jump, just won't let my cables out of my site.

It might be a good idea to carry two lighters with you. Those cheap things don't like to work half the time. Or sell them on your boat for $5 a pop That will teach people to remember to bring their own.

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that's just rude...that's one reason I have 2 I can lend out and not worry about it if some idiot decides he needs it more than I do.....yeah...they suck alright...
sorry you got took...

Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.
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