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Default Stolen but for the best.

Well I suppose it worked out for the best, left my transom tie downs in the back of my truck when we went out for Labor Day, and of course someone walked off with them. Got some new ones this week and when swapping them out at the house I noticed my exhaust bellows where cracked all the way through........... so at least we didnít sink it.

Now I get to install a new shift cable, bellows kit and impeller next weekend. Any tips for a gen 1, alpha 1? Ordered the alignment tool and the hinge pin socket. First big marine project but Iím a competent mechanic.

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I just did this work to a gen 2, I believe the bellows are the same.
Have a mount for your stern drive ready. I found that a 6x6 with 2x4 on each side was perfect width for hanging the drive. The 2x4s were 19 inches high.
If you are going to remove the hinge pin and gimble ring, break torque on the pins while drive is mounted. I didn't remove the gimbal ring and had no access problems.
Plan the order of replacement. I did the gimbal bellows first, then exhaust, then shift bellows. You will be working mostly from below so going top down is good.
String trimmer cord is a good fish wire for the lower shift cable.
When tightening the lower shift cable, remember the whole cable turns with the nut.
The gimbal bellows inner ring needs to be pressed in,not hammered.
I stretched the exhaust bellows prior to installing it. I used spray paint can tops in each end. Tie top end off and have enough weight on bottom to stretch bellows to 8 inches or so.
Only special tool I needed was a 1x1 stick with a fender washer on the end.
Let us know your questions.

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A split exhaust bellows will not sink your boat but either the shift bellows or driveshaft bellows can.

Under Documents of this site is the mercruiser manual for you dive that has the procedure in it.
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Cool, pretty sure I can improvise a bellows tool, for my monstrous alignment tool along with the bearing ring to install the gimble thatís currently in the deep freeze. Honestly is looks pretty straightforward but one sure it will fight. Order a hard copy of the service manual for any questions that arise. Ready to get back in the water!

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