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Default Spring time!

Hey Guys,

We've had some well needed rain down in Atlanta the last couple of months. We had a little snow the other day and it's going to be in the mid to upper 60's by this weekend. You know what that means!

Anyway, every year I have the oil and impellor changed as one of the spring cleaning list. Usually the guy at the marina does it and we go through the process of pulling the boat, etc. My question is, do we really need to get the boat out of the water to do this? They charge me an arm and a leg each time and I'm just wondering if we really have to? It's a 2900SCR 2001 model.


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No, the spring engine service can be done in the water but don't you want to service the out drive as well?

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You might wanna double check but I don't think impellor changes are called for each season. Every other season comes to mind. Ditto on outdrive oil changes. Certainly how much time you run the boat each season will be a factor.

Remember that the oil in the drive isn't subjected to the same corrosion issues as the engine oil. The engine oil needs to be changed mostly due to being contaminated by the combustion process. The drive oil doesn't have to contend with that. Same concept as the oil/fluid in your car's transmission.

Find out when Merc recommends changing the impellor and drive oil.

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If the boat was put up for the winter the impeller can take a set and will not move as much water. That's just my theory. I change yearly, it's cheap insurance in my book.
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Ok Lets see if I got this. Sounds like the boat is in the water year around or that you change the impellar in the spring along with an oil change. Why in the spring? This stuff should be done in the fall..... Well even if the boat doesn't stay in the water during the winter I would be changing the oil and filter in the fall instead. Gets the moisture out of the oil pan for the winter. Change your water separator filter too.

The impellar if you have a bravo 2 drive you can change the impeller while in the water but the upper hose ( the one going to the outdrive) when you take it off the back of the pump you have to raise it higher than than the water level or you will flood you boat. This is still an hour job for one engine and is very easy to do. Impellar kits are around 60 or 70 bucks.

Now if you have an alpha drive the impeller is in the outdrive and you have to take the boat out of the water. Usually about every three years to do this.

As far as changing the outdrive fluid...... roll the dice, change it every fall and not in the spring and you will beat all the odds as to have a heathly outdrive.

That is my 2cents....

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I just did impeller in the fall in my b2, old one looked almost perfect. First change in 2 years I've had boat, and previous original owner didn't remeber ever changing it, but may have been done with bellows 2 years before I bought. I am only boating in fresh water, but sometimes very shallow sand. Oil (both engine and outdrive) done in fall every year.

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