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Default so confused

I am looking to buy a boat so many out there I found a 2001 Maxum 1900SR for $8800 this includes tube vest anchors etc. It has a mercury 4.3L v6 and owner is willing to take me out on river for test ride trailer and boat pictures look good is this a good deal? Also we will mainly be using it for river tubing and fishing occassionally in the bay. Engine has 97 hours on it.
Thanks for all input!

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welcome to the zoo....i would think a 9 yr old boat would go for a bit less...with only 97 hrs on it...was it stored in the garage??...
the boat is probably worth about 5500 bucks and the trailer worth about 1500 bucks provided they are in pretty decent shape....but if the clock really says 97 hrs's not been used much and it would probably be a good deal..however the first thing to get done with it is a mechanical survey...have a mechanic look it a compression check....check timing and engine performance...then have the mechanic (once the money has changed hands...) do a complete tune/oil/drive service including replacing the impeller....
from the sounds of might have a pretty nice deal going but I'd low ball aren't moving and since your the buyer...your in the drivers seat....if he wants to get rid of it..he'll meet you in the middle...
plus if the mechanical survey shows anything wrong..the price of the work and parts can be taken off the price of the boat....or negotiate on him fixing it before money changes hands.....

good luck and keep us posted ...


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Boat seems to have been well taken care if not garage kept was serviced regularly and kept covered good idea on the survey and you have given me great info on pricing for it thanks so much for your help I sent a email concerning age of motor when I hear back will post info once again thank you.
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Check out NADA. Not knowing the specifics, NADA lists a price ranging from $6600-$7500

Good Luck. I love my 2000 1900SR.

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