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Just had my rotor, plugs, fuel filet changed and a tune up while I was getting a new remote installed. I put water remover in the tanks when I picked up my boat from service because the engine was knocking like mad after filling the tanks with new fuel. I had hoped that the water remover would be the fix. My run from Lake Union to Bellevue was flawless last Thursday. Last night I went out on the lake, and as soon as I pushed the throttle up over 3000 rpms the knocking came back with a vengence, the engine popped a few times then died. I noticed a little smoke from the carb and the engine was rough as hell. I idled back to the slip and shut er down. This morning I went back to the docks and started er up. LOTS of smoke in the exhaust, kinda blueish. No visible leaking oil, good oil level. I let the enigine run for quite a while hoping the smoke wouls stop but it never did.

The marina swears that their fuel is very clean and no contaminants at all. I am at a loss now. Could the carb be too rich? Would this cause the excessive engine knocking while under load? Do I need to pump all the fuel out and refill with new fuel?? Cha-ching$$$$

Any advice wold be MUCH APPRECIATED. So far my first boating season is a lesson learner.

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Could you try running it from a small petrol can? disconnect the rubber hose from the tank and put it into a 5 litre petrol can with fresh fuel in it thats how I running mine in the garage

At least that would eliminate the fuel being the problem

Mine was backfiring out the carb when my ignition timing was out
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