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Default running AC evaporator runoff to shower sump

Hi all - 3300 owner. I've heard that some of you have run a hose from the AC (under front berth) down and to the mid-boat shower sump box under the floor. Any tips on that project? I don't see an easy way to fish that hose. Next question - did you drill into the side of the sump box (then seal with silicon) to insert that runoff hose, or go in from the top?. If going in from the top, the water would need to run uphill to get over that rise...the AC unit is still higher...just wondering if it still works - there would be standing water in that hose, but perhaps it just gets pushed out via gravity next time the AC is used...

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I can share my experiences doing the same with my 2900. Your layout is similar but obviously not identical. My 2900 had the AC under the v-birth and the shower sump in the bilge right in front of the bathroom (thru a floor access panel).

I got tired of dealing with a wet bilge since the AC dumps a surprising amount of condensate in the forward bilge.

My route was from under the v-birth, under the dinette via the lower access panels and down thru the floor under the shower. I had to drill a few holes through the bulkheads along the way, but it turned out great. The hose was pretty flat running along the floor under the dinette, but without any dips, it drained well. As long as the source is above the destination AND there are no high points above the source, it will drain (just be careful with winterization if there is an area that will hold water).

As for the shower sump, if you have a rule sump or equivalent, there are usually multiple inlets molded into the box. I found one which was the diameter of the hose I was using and you just have to saw off the tip of an unused inlet.

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With the 3200 SCR, I drilled a hole in the top of the shower sump box and ran drip hose to the box.
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The shower sump should have several inlets. are they all occupied?
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