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Default rub rail

Is it very hard to re install the rub rail insert back in place it looks like a couple of screw heads are pushing through and I would like to fix that.maxum 2400scr thanks

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Default's really's what you do...

get a heat gun or hair dryer...heat up the area your going to pry out and use an awl or a sharp flathead screw driver...carefully heat the rubber up and gently pry the rubber out.....pull as much as you need only..don't go ripping it all out.....go a few inches past the area that needs to be checked....
you will see the screw heads and carefully back them out...reinsert silicone sealant 4200...don't use 5200 as it will be one screw at a time....then...rescrew them back in....put a layer of 4200 over the screw heads.....not a lot....after it sets up.....using a rubber mallet....carefully heat and beat the rubber in working it inch by inch until it seats up....may have to use the heat gun a few ft further than where you worked to work the rubber in......don't beat too hard.......
then put a bead along the top and bottom of the rail......smooth it out and your all done....use masking tape to mask off the area between the hull and the rail so you don't get too much silicone on the hull.......

your done!!...

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