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Default rough weekend

well..I'm tired and I'm feeling old kidding...we busted butt all weekend started Friday when we got off work and ran home real quick to get our gear and food for the weekend on the boat..all the work I did paid off...she worked flawlessly..the squeeky belt didn't squeek......the generator generated without leaking all worked out great...the wind kept pushing my sat. dish off line ..and the whole weekend was busy as hell.....I couldn't watch tv anyway type of thing....we felt bad for the kids(our 2 shelties) cuz we usually spend time with them also.....but it was crazy...we had another boater with a really old 84 bayliner (I think that's the yr he has) meet up with us ...we motored down the river to everett and once out of the no wake zone..I got our boat going up on plane...well..matt...what can I say about matt..he just putted all the way down river...I thought he went back to dagmars for some reason...he finally showed up as I was trying to align the sat dish...helped him dock..and after awhile and a dog walk..we went up to skuttlebutts for dinner and some fun...matt and cindy are fun people..we had a good time...but it didn't come without costs....
next morning after breakfast and all..we get underway to drop some crab pots....that was successful and motored back to everett...some putz stole matts' we docked on the outside of the river docks.....during the whole day ...boaters were busting the no wake zone like crazy...even large yachts looked like they were immune to the signs....cops were out but they were only able to bust the ones they saw...which wasn't many...they did take an intoxicated boater into custody!!,out of looked like the scene on jaws where every boater on the planet was heading out to get the shark....
Well..once we got tied up...we all had to help like 4 other boaters crash into the docks...the winds were really kicking friend of mine took 6 guys to get to the was really ugly.....tide heading out..winds blowing and kicking up white caps in the water...uuuugly....well..about 4 pm we decided to head out and get the pots...all of us piled into matts boat and headed out.....on the way one engine just so happened to be the one without the power steering handling that boat while matt pulled the pots was too much fun....we got 8 really good sized crabs.....once we got the pots unloaded we headed back...on one engine it was painful at 5 knots..snotty water...high winds...matt did a fair job of crashing into the dock...we started working on the engines and found the filters were clogged with crap and was off to west marine for new filters and water scavanger crap for the back and replaced the crapped up filters ...engine started up fine and we were off to the races again..or atleast they worked fine..
after the winds died down...matt moved his boat to the inside of the dock....
Later that evening we went to woodfire grill for dinner and matt...a new guy we met named mike and his wife showed up and we had a good time for about an hr..mike and his wife are live aboards and have a little sheltie about a sweet boy!!...anyway...after some drinks and food..we headed back to the boat so mike and his wife could meet our two spoiled brat dogs....also shelties...
Sunday came around and we got up...walked the dogs ...had breakfast...secured the crab trap and the boat ready to get underway...helped matt off the dock...where he lost fwd gear in the port engine....yesterday it was the stbd engine that was crapping out on had to motor out to dagmars on the stbd engine....
We got home..washed the the gear off....loaded into our car...and finally headed home..where I started laundry....we ran out to get gas in my car and run a few errands...finally getting home about 4pm...
I got a new chip for my laptop at home...I was doing some checking and my computer was slowing waaaaaaay down..found out I only had maybe 200mb of memory left on my 30 g. hard nite was also cleaning up my lt...tossing movies and pic's that I didn't need (a lot of nudes and ugly stuff on my files people send me) ....then defragged and installed the new 1g chip...Dell had a sale on chips for 40 ordered I'm running 2 gigs of ram....should make for some better and happier computing.......
hope everyone had a great time this weekend and was able to enjoy some great for global warming...we bout froze was cold..windy...nasty on the water and felt more like fall that summer!!...

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