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Default Repairing my breaks! was repair what I screwed up or broke from the trip to canada...we spent 8 days on the boat in canada with 2 other split off and headed back home to tend to his ill mother in wisconcin..
the outer stuck it out with us..but returning on the 5th...we were in some snotty water....gusts were insane around the straights of rosario ...well..we were heading into the winds and hit a 60-70mph gust...just about stopped my boat doing about 20 mph...that was the best speed I could get without getting beat up too badly....but it did snap my vhf antenna and my anchor light right kidding...laid them both flat aft...
so today I replaced them both....then had to pull the water pump on the westerbeke's front seal is leaking....
then added a few parts to help the admirable out...replaced the serpintine belt cuz it squeeked like mad coming home and thru most of the trip.....
then I had to fix a few other small things..tomorrow I think I'll go back to the boat to do some other stuff tomorrow.......
hope you guys are having a good weekend..there must be a thousand boats in the water near's crazy....


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Steve good luck with your repairs went to the boat yesterday the weather had stopped raining but the river is in flood so couldnt got out again as there was all sorts of sh@t coming down, it must be abou 5/6 feet up,will try again today if not it looks like a cleaning day,


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Hope those repairs go smoothly. My oldest son and his family are visiting from Minnesoata. Took them out on the Potomac and down to Tims II (local seafood place). The weather was great (90 degrees, very humid), water was smooth and the boat ran like a top. Between family sicknesses and bad weather, this is one of the few times we've been out this year. Didn't realize how much I missed being on the water. Got to replace stereo speakers next weekend. One of the covers disintegrated today!
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