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Default refrigerator removal for a 2400 scr

Does anyone have any advise of how to get the norcold refrigerator out of the cabin of a 2400 scr. It is easy enough to remove from the bulkhead and I have taken off all the trim, door and brackets but it still does not seem to fit out the cabin door or the hatch? Did they put the deck on after the refrigerator was put in?

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That is pretty much what they do. The install much of the items in the hull and the deck seperately, then marry the deck to the hul and do a final trim out and connect anything that needs to be connected. The put wire ties in the radar arch that can only be screwed in with a philips screwdriver when the top and bottom of the arch are seperated. However, I would expect that you could get the fridge out the door.

Can anything else be stripped off of the fridge? Od thought, but is there a once of the hatches might actually be wider? Can it get through a deck hatch instead of the cabin hatch?

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Not related to your refrigerator, but I had to remove the covers off of my water heater to replace it on my SCR27 as it was about 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch too wide to get it out of the engine compartment.

So you may want to look at your refrigerator, perhaps you can remove (or un-bolt) some parts and/or covers to give you the extra room to be able to remove it. Or remove some trim from the cabin door for some extra room.
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Default thanks guys

Thanks guys, I went back and removed some more things and it is just a tight fit. I decided to go with option B, bring the repair to the boat hopefully it can be fixed and does not need replaced.
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