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Default Rain water in bilge

I have a '98 2700 SCR. Rain water collects in my bilge. It comes in through the side vents. My side vents are the large fiberglass covers over a hole that faces up. Has anyone come up with a clever idea how to stop water from coming in there. Also, does anyone know of a bilge pump that will suck all the water out. Thanks.

1998 2700 SCR
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I always have water in my bilge and never really worried about it. Is there a reason to worry about it?

At any rate, I have heard that some people will install a second bilge pump in the lowest part of the bilge with a check valve so that the water in the tube won't come back down. (You should not install a check valve in you main bilge tube for safety reasons and because it is not coast guard legal.) Without a check valve you will always have water that comes back down the tube.

If there is only a bit of water you could use a chamois.

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I have it come down my radar arch and then make it's way to the bilge...our boat is dry stored so it's easy to pull the plug and drain it all out...

a second bilge pump is ok...but it's hard to get it under the what most do is get a shop vac that is the small one..has the hose and long good..

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If its not too much water drop in a couple of disposable nappies(dipers) they soak up water, oil and allsorts, it save messing with pumps and tubes

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I have a 98 2700 SCR with same concern, I installed clam shell vent covers on the starboard side vents for the blower vent and fresh air intake. Did not seem to impact air flow (can you really tell) but made the blower louder, however the amount of water entering the bilge went down noticeably. To install you have to use a long drill bit and screwdriver. You will only be able to get three of the four bolts in.
For the port side I have not been able to find any cover that will work.
1997 2700SCR
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Default rain water in bilge

I have a 2008 3800 SCR and had the same problem with rain water in the bilge. I could not cover the vents with a clam shell because the cleats were to close to the vents. I had a canvas shop make covers to cover the vents. The top has a small track that the canvas slides in and the bottom has 2 snaps. They measure approx. 5"X5". However, it is important to remember to remove them when going out. Hope this helps you.

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