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Default Questions of new maxum 2700 owner

Dear reader,

I bought a Maxum 2700 SCR 1998 5l Mercruiser

Questions I have:
- when starting an alarm sounds until the engine runs, is that normal?
from the wiring diagram of the 2000 SCR I could se that the alarm is activated as long as there is no oil pressure
- the dashboard states that I should run the blower for 4 min before starting, is that needed, if so,m I will be sitting in the alarm sound for 4 min
- connecting to the AC wall current I have nothing in the boat, could it be that neutral and plus are wrong and that that shows then as zero current

- I have copied from the site the manual 2700 2000, is there anybody having a copy of the general manual for the 1998 version, mine is clearly different from the 2000 version

thanks gerry

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First welcome to the site ..glad to have you here..

First ? ...Yes that is how the alarm works. If you hear the alarm going while the engine is running, shut your engine off, you have a problem either no oil pressure or overheating.

Second?.. You turn your blower switch on and give it a good 4 minutes to get out any gas vapors out of your bilge area. THEN start your engine. You do not have to turn the engine key over for the blower to run. Where did you buy this boat. Did they not go thru the OP procedure for you? BAD very Bad!

Third ?.. NO...You have taken the yellow shorepower cord and connected it to a shorepower pedestal that has 110 AC power? If you are not reading any amps on your amp gauge in the circuit box on your boat you have something either not turned on or not connected right. Find someone qualified to help you.

Get a Clymer manual to help you out and have you taken a Safe Boating course?

Good Luck

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The alarm will sound continuously if you lose oil pressure or if your coolant temperature gets too high. If the drive fluid in the reservoir gets too low, it will sound intermittently.

The blower should run by turning it on with the dash switch, otherwise someone mis-wired it. Some people like to leave it run while idling or even while underway.

I love these types of shore power cords with the red LED. They let you know right away if the breaker on the pole is in the ON position.

There should also be a breaker near the boat's shore power plug. Make sure that is turned on.

The meter tells you how much voltage you have coming into the boat's panel. The polarity light warns you if the HOT and NEUTRAL are reversed. If they are reversed, things will function, but there is a good chance of equipment damage and/or personal harm.

Even though you've already purchased the boat, you may want to have it surveyed. A surveyor will find things you probably don't want to know about, but at least you'll know what needs to be dealt with promptly and what can wait until the off-season.

Be sure to hang out with fellow boaters and find a good trustworthy marine mechanic. You will never stop learning.
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Gerry welcome aboard.

+1 what the others said.
1997 2400 SCR
5.7 Vortec / Bravo 2

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Originally Posted by lowland gerry View Post
the dashboard states that I should run the blower for 4 min before starting, is that needed, if so,m I will be sitting in the alarm sound for 4 min
Welcome board Lowland Gerry!!! Please take a Boaters Safety Course.
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