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Default Poopy Situation

So I splashed last week and was getting the boat cleaned and ready this weekend. I had my wife fill the water tank so that we could flush the antifreeze out... She actually put the hose in the waste tank. Once it was full, somehow all this nastiness from the tank overflowed into my bilge. I cleaned it which was thoroughly disgusting but I'm wondering if something broke? Is it some kind of fail safe to do that if it gets full?

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I would have expected the waste to have flown back out the deck fitting she was filling from.

So you stored the boat over the winter with waste in the tank? I don't recommend that as is can settle in the tank and solify.

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Maybe it wasn't waste, and just all that old sludge getting flushed out.

If it dumped in your bilge, something is wrong. It should have first flowed out the vent, then when that plugged up, overflowed the deck fitting. It's possible that the water pressure blew the vent line off it's fitting, or that you have another line disconnected somewhere. Most of these boats are plumbed with an overboard discharge mascerator. You're just going to have to trace out the lines, and find the break.

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Whether it was a water tank or a holding tank, it should not have been overflowing into the bilge. Both the holding and water tanks should have overflowed both through the vent line and backed up through the deck plate.

Best bet is to trace from the deck plate she was filling all the way to the tank, then out to the peripherals (e.g. faucets and heads) Inspect the vent line, all tailspars and all hose connections.

The fact that only occurred after overfilling would lead me to suspect fittings at the top of the tank which wouldn't leak when partially full. This would include fill line (head in or water fill lines), vent lines, inspection ports. lines that drain the tanks are all at the bottom of the tanks.

i would suspect something goofy like there being a inline vent filter on the holding tanke vent line, but someone removed the filter canister. That would definitely cause this type of issues if overfilling the holding tank.
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