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Default Plug in or out for the winter?

Got a phone call from the owner of our marina today where our boat is sitting on it's trailer with shrink wrap all around it for the winter and asked me, " if I knew that the drain plug was still in?"

I said," yes, I keep the plug in to keep the critters out." He just wanted to make sure I knew that my plug was in, because he thought it should have it out so that water can drain out of the bilge. I told him with the shrink wrap hopefully I don't have to worry about water getting into the boat and down into the bilge.

So I am curious what everyone else does?

plug in or out for winter storage?

Happy Holidays


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plug in....always for when I had my 2700scr.....don't want critters climbing up into the bilge nesting....


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plug out, no food no vistors......

plus, a field mouse would have to wear suction cups to get up the hull 36" off the ground.

And as far as electrial plug in for the battery charger, I un plug and re plug every other week for a few days.... batteries stay in the boat....
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Plug out, and my uncle (who owns the storage place in North Spokane) lifts the custom-hitch he's got welded to a forklift/loader way up so ALL the water runs out of the drain plug. One Fall there was a substantial amount that had accumulated in between the Winterization Process and actual storing of Endless Summer---about 10 days of rain---about 5 gallons poured out he said (I wasn't there---but glad he did it).

Ain't no critters that I'M aware of that can fit it the tiny, 1/2" hole, 30+ inches off the ground but who knows!
Jeff Means
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always plug out, never problems.......only problem is that i always forget were i left it.......

greatz, ed
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plug in.
had my plug out last year in my former boat (bayliner)
had some visiters (mice)
they thransformed my wiring system into a nice weekend job
also needed to replace 2 life jackets.
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I leave mine plug out. There are pros and cons to each.

PLug In: If there is a cover failure, water can slowly fill the bilge and flood the boat. In cold climate areas of the north, water can freeze in deck drains and blow the drain hose from the drain flange and allow water to fill the bilge instead of discharging outboard. If the plug is in, the flood could be severe. If the flooded water freezes it can crack the stringers, bulkheads, etc. If your in warmer climates, there could still be a potential for water damage. In either case the weight may also present an issue. (Of course these are all 'if's', however I saw this very situation happen last winter to a boat in the yard at my marina).

PLug Out:

The opening is an ingress for critters.

I'd store it plug in if I stored the boat indoors or at least under a covered roof, like many rack storage places. Outside, under shrink wrap I store it plug out. If I stored with a tarp then DEFINITELY plug out. Just my .02
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I was told in no definitive tersm, plug in... This is my first year to do this though.... Thant being said, if the only reason for the plug in is to keep critters, mostly mice out, wouldn't plug and a chunk of steel screen pushed in be the best yet??? Screen could be popped out pretty easy in spring, but would allow water out if neeeded all storage long.. Now I am lucky to be indoors, Some dollars and a bottle or two to be paid... so I leave the plug in for sure as I'm not worried at all for water.
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Plug out. Over the past 7 years at 3 different marinas they have pulled the plug for the winter...
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plug out never had problem with critter whether stored inside or outside.
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Why not just take the plug out and clamp a thin metal gauze over the hole? You could buy a cheap scieve and cut a piece from that.

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