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Default Perfect pass

I going to go out and buy a perfect pass system for my 04' 1900sr

I was really getting sick of letting my friends who don't really know how to pull a wake boarder. Sure everyone says they can do it but its never the way it works out. I think I have 2 buddies who can do a good job. Then I hear about the perfect pass system. Cruise control for the boat.
Now if I face plant it will be my own doing ops:

My question is this. Has anyone with a maxum ski boat used this?

If you have was it worth it?


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Lt. JG
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oops I mean I have an 02 not a 04


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Default perfect pass

welcome to the zoo...hope someone here can answer your question...I for one have no clue what the heck your talking about.....what is a perfect pass system??..... :?
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checked it out thru google...

looks like some type of cruise control that locks the throttle in at a pre-set location. keeps you from going any faster than what you set it at. if disengaged you hit a button and it will take the throttle back to your pre-set spot. keeps newbie boat drivers from going faster than they should.
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Its great for good riding. w/ wake boarding its all about your comfort zone. Being a newbie is really 50% of it. even some of my buddies that know how to drive still slow down to much or go a little over. when your trying to load up for some air it can really throw you off. So...the perfect pass is just what it is. If your not a boarder then its not for you. However I was just asking if anyone has used this on their Maxum. I was planning on installing it myself. It says I need to drill a hole in the boat. I dont feel very good about that. Is there anything I should be aware of?

For all who is interested

Lots of newbies use it :wink:
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I have a 1800sr 2002. After wakeboarding behind my Fletcher Arrowflyte 14ft with 60hp 2 stroke outboard I think I've learned how to train a driver. I believe the optimum speed for wake boarding is approx 18mph. I usually look at the wake and gauge the correct speed. A few hand signals to slow down or speed up usually work. And using the word "hit it" rather than "go" which sounds like "no". We usually plant it to get out of the hole then bring it back to get the right speed. Our 2 stroke was like a petrol lawn mower or moped going past so you couldn't hear much!

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