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Default Painting the boat? Depreciation?

I have a 96 3200scr and was thinking it may look better if I paint it. I like the new paint jobs that are out there with the dark navy blue. So I asked for a quote to repair the grey stripe originally to my marina and they said this

Marina sent this email

"** I think we could wet sand and buff the big gray stripe and get it looking pretty nice.* My vinyl guy says he can replace the top multi-colored stripe and also the black boot stripe for $285 each.* But when I talked to Bob regarding the big gray stripe at the top and changing the color, he says it will bring down the resale price of the boat and make it harder to sell some day.* The boat could use a good buff job too.* We could buff the entire boat (excluding the sand & buff on the gray stripe) for $704 plus materials"

So my question is... Why does changing the stripe color depreciate the boat? I'm assuming painting it would be even worse for depreciation? Why? I thought it would make it look more modern?

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Hi Maxum 3200..............I had a 2150 Bayliner that I got tired of the bayliner blue and painted the between the water line and rub rail a turquois green. Got the color from a paint shop. It was a 50ish Ford color. They bodyshop sanded down the blue so that the paint would stick and it come pretty good.

As far as the depreciation problem you might have , cause it is not the normal Maxum colors, if you are going to keep it for some time I would not worry about. This is your creation made for your enjoyment. IMHO

So go for it... have the most different looking Maxum on the block.


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Wrap it !
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To be clear, they are saying, replace the pin striping, replace the boot stripe and buff the wide grey section at the gunnel and buff the white hull and deck. They are suggesting NOT painting the grey section. I would do as they say. you would be surprised how well that will come back. If not, then I would consider painitng it the factory grey. Painting the hull blue liek a newer boat would look od on that model boat.
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Originally Posted by Phillbo View Post
Wrap it !
Have any experience with wrapping a boat? I'm interested to hear. Cheers.
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was going to get rid of the grey stripe too but had the same comment.
it would bringdown the resale price
sanded and polished it now (did it myself)
it looks like new again
original is always better.

would you buy a blue car which was originally grey
every little contact may give you a grey spot
i wouldnt
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Although my boat is much smaller, I had a black stripe painted on it to add some color to it as I was like you and tired of the plain jane look. Mine was all white (off white) to start with. The guy who did the work was against the black, but said it was mine and he would do whatever I wanted. I had it done and am very happy with it. He was also surprised at how it turned out after the new vinyls went on. I don't think it would in any depreciate the resale value, but I have no plans of selling it anyway. I will agree that a good wets sand and buff will do wonders as the rest of my 1999 model was faded decent. It came back to near new shine. The gel coat is thick on these boats so the wet sand and buff is something you could yourself without fear of damaging it. It's not like automotive paint that you can burn through easily.
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